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Covid-19 mass testing at your fingertips!

AIDE has tested multiple households and companies by deploying trained and licensed physicians with complete PPEs, forms, and guidelines for each result or outcome. Get a price quotation for your needs from an AIDE officer and secure the safety of your place of work or household by getting everyone tested and vaccinated.


In accordance to DOH guidelines, only our duly-licensed Medical Doctors shall prescribe, facilitate, administer, and interpret the FDA-approved antigen test kits. The physicians shall also provide the ff:

Physical Examinations

Consultations and Guidelines

Interpretation of Results



The table provides the price tier relative to the total number of persons whose antigen test will be administered by our partner physicians, exclusive of any applicable taxes.

All payments will be done online and prior to scheduled appointment. NO CASH PAYMENTS.

* NOT Inclusive of price of Antigen Testing kits (additional 750 pesos per kit)

* Prices are VAT exclusive.

* Inclusive of professional fee, PPE, and transportation within Metro Manila


Based on the Center for Disease Control Interim Guidelines for Antigen Testing, antigen testing is approved for diagnostic, screening, and surveillance purposes.

You should undergo this test if you fall under the following categories in the table.

Symptomatic (5-7 days) or known or suspected exposure

Asymptomatic without known or suspected exposure

Covid positive individuals in self-quarantine



An antigen test for SARS-CoV-2 starts with a medical professional collecting a sample of mucus from the back of a persons throat or nose using a swab. They then dip the swab into a liquid to dissolve the mucus and release the virus.

The liquid is then applied to the surface of the test slide that is coated with antibodies. These antibodies are stuck to the slide and “grab onto” any coronavirus proteins that are in the sample.

What are antigens?

Antigens are proteins released by the virus that triggers the immune system to release antibodies

750 pesos only

What are the strenghts?

The main selling points of antigen tests are that they are far faster and easier to perform than reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests.

What are the Weaknesses?

What antigen tests gain in speed and ease of use, they lose in accuracy. Because they look directly for evidence of the virus, there needs to be a lot virus proteins available to stick to the antibodies to produce a detectable result. False negative is therefore a possibility but if done correctly by a trained doctor with proper medical history taking and post-testing instructions, this should be negated.

do i still need a pcr test?

PCR is recommended when a patient has negative results but is experiencing symptoms or has known exposure to a covid positive individual.


If you wish to add this option, the following vaccines may also be ordered via AIDE to be administered by our partner doctors on the same schedule for the following fees, exclusive of any applicable taxes


We can now serve the provinces in and around Metro Manila. Get tested by an AIDE doctor partner with ease. Just add a one-time transportation fee to the total

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