Swab Testing At Home

Covid-19 RT-PCR Confirmatory Swab Testing now at your fingertips!


AIDE has partnered with DOH certified COVID testing laboratories and can now deploy trained and licensed physicians with complete PPEs, forms, and guidelines. Get a price quotation for your needs from an AIDE officer and secure the safety of your place of work or household by getting everyone tested and vaccinated.


Covid Team of Doctors

In accordance to DOH guidelines, only our duly-licensed Medical Doctors shall prescribe, facilitate, and administer the swabbing and specimen collection. The physicians shall also provide the ff:

Medical History

Doctors will ask for a brief medical history to assess exposure risk and other co-morbids

Quick Check-up

Doctors may perform a brief physical exam depending on the need or case


Doctors provide medical advice and guidelines to help the patient throughout the visit

Post-procedure Protocols

Doctors will provide proper instructions and protocols to the patients based on their results


The Gold Standard

The gold standard for COVID-19 testing is the RT-PCR swab. It detects the smallest amount of genetic material from the virus and is the standard to which all other tests are compared to. View the video to learn more.


New Pricing Tier

The table provides the price tier relative to the total number of persons whose swabbing will be administered by our partner physicians. Prices mentioned include the lab test, the doctor's fee, swab kit, full PPE, and hazard pay.

* Includes test, swab kit, full PPE and transportation fee and hazard pay

* 50% downpayment prior to appointment


How It Works


Have Any Questions?

We’re dedicated to making our services as accessible as possible, which is why we’ve created this collection of FAQs. If you still have any inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out by by chat or email.

How long does the procedure take?

The entire procedure will take an estimated time of 20 minutes.

Is your partner lab certified for RT-PCR testing?

Yes, Singapore Diagnostics (located in Makati) has been certified by the DOH for RT-PCR testing.

Where can testing be done?

The swabbing procedure may be done in any well-ventilated location, preferably with a table and chair.

What do I need to do before testing?

All patients will need to practice social distancing and properly wear masks. The procedure may cause an involuntary sneeze or cough, so a napkin to cover one’s nose and mouth may be needed. Alcohol and hand washing is necessary before and after the swabbing.

How will I receive my results?

Your results will be emailed to you by AIDE in 24 to 48 hours. We can release it as fast as 12 hours after receiving the swab sample.

What if someone tests positive?

All data are forwarded to the DOH by the laboratory through the Epidemiology Bureau. If one is positive, they will be contacted by the DOH for proper instructions and contact tracing. Only moderate to severe cases, patients with comorbidities, or the elderly, are advised to be confined in hospitals.



If you wish to add this option, the following vaccines may also be ordered via AIDE to be administered by our partner doctors on the same schedule for the following fees.


We can now serve the provinces in and around Metro Manila. Get tested by an AIDE doctor partner with ease. Just add a one-time transportation fee per household.


What Our Clients Say

Professional service and unparalleled customer care. Had my staff tested and got the results in less than 1 day, Amazing!

I would like to commend the whole team for a job well done. I only trust AIDE for my family and staff

Had my entire staff and management tested. They did for all of my staff in all my branches. No one can beat AIDE.



AIDE provides professional and personal customer care and the best home swab testing experience. 


Kindly note that it may take a few hours before someone contacts you as we go through each request one by one and at a first come, first serve basis. Lead time is around a few hours to 1 day prior for possible appointment. Our turnaround time for emailing your results is 12-24 hours after swabbing. 



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