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ANC Alerts

January 7, 2017

The founders of the first home medical care mobile app in the Philippines was live on ANC alerts with Karmina Constantino to talk about the latest innovation in medical care - AIDE, the first home medical care mobile app in the Philippines.

AIDE managing directors, Pamela Bugayong-Donato and Doctor Patrick Bugayong, shared the history of the app's creation and its positive impact on the medical system in the country. 

"Our family members started getting sick and it was difficult to find a nurse right away" says Pamela Bugayong-Donato when asked what triggered the founders to create AIDE. She also added that their family members were having a difficult time traveling to and from the hospital, and they fear the risk of being exposed to other illnesses when in public.

Doctor Patrick Bugayong expressed that he felt the need to help the 85, 000 and 24, 000 annual graduates of Nursing and PT who cannot be accomodated by the hospitals and clinics. "We are offering them a chance to have their own e-clinic", Dr. Bugayong stated. 

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