The Bugayong siblings understood the difficulties of providing quality care at the hands of those who truly need it and saw the problems in our current medical situation in the Philippines: long queues, traffic congestion, lack of efficient care, the convenience of receiving this care at home; thus, creating AIDE -solution to everyone's medical needs.

Paolo Bugayong


As a graduate of UC Berkeley International Program in Finance and the Ateneo de Manila University with a Bachelor of arts degree in Economics, Paolo was always the analytical type. Paolo has devoted his expertise in corporate finance, mergers & acquisition and management. Now, he runs AIDE, a health tech startup since he left corporate life in 2016. He has worked with San Miguel Corporation and 2 other consultancy firms including Ernst & Young. A born leader, Paolo received the prestigious Gerry Roxas Leadership Award in Ateneo.

Dr. Patrick Bugayong


Even though he is the youngest of the bunch, Patrick was always a strong presence in the family. He has remained vocal and strong willed with his opinions - never allowing his voice to be stiffled. Believed to be highly intelectual and passionately emotional, he persued his dream of becoming a physician at the University of Santo Tomas. Since graduating, Patrick has had experience in patient management and hospital administration in both public and private health institutions in the Philippines.

Pamela Bugayong - Donato


Pamela was always the most practical and business minded. She has a Bachelors Degree in Business Management at the University of Asia and the Pacific and has 15 years experience in banking, sales, and customer relations. She was awarded with the Highest Honors in recognition for her outstanding sales performance in an International Bank held in Beijing China. Having undergone several sales trainings and seminars in Manila and Singapore she believes in providing superior service to everyone. 

Patricia Bugayong - Reyes


A Masters Graduate from the University of California, Irvine in Teaching, Tricia has always had the love and passion to serve others. She first went into Information Technology in University because of her love of technology but later made the leap to Education because of her aspirations to guide and nurture children. She has taught both in the US and in the Philippines and is now an IT Integration Teacher in Vancouver, Canada where she is doing the two things she is passionate about: technology and teaching.

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