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Virtually all lab tests at your fingertips!

Choose from our carefully curated lab packages or select from a list of individual tests or simply upload your doctor's lab request. Get accurate price quotations from med techs after you select the tests you need and pay using cash, credit card, or GCash.

Featured Tests

Get the solo kit and avail of the fastest way to find out if you need to be treated. P799 only

Know if you’re at risk of developing diabetes, stroke, liver disease, and heart disease. Avail of this new service!

The dreaded OGTT is not so bad when you have it done at home. Book one in advance.



Drew Arellano, Host

Thanks to AIDE for the blood extraction done conveniently at home. Sometimes it's good to be a praning Papa than to be a sick one.

Saab Magalona, Influencer

Time for my Fasting Blood Sugar Oral Glucose Tolerance Test... Thankful for AIDE for letting me do this at home

Matteo Guidicelli, Actor

a very professional nurse came to the house to extract blood... Everything was organized through an app!! Any medical needs you need they can do it for you, home service! 

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