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COVID-19 rapid testing for your homes powered by AIDE in partneship with Mondial Medical Technologies!

AIDE has tested multiple households and companies by deploying trained and licensed physicians with complete PPEs, forms, and guidelines for each result or outcome. Get a price quotation for your needs from an AIDE officer and secure the safety of your place of work or household by getting everyone tested and vaccinated.

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Mondial Medical Technologies was borne out of a vision to provide complete, superior standard and globally competitive medical products and solutions in the Philippines. Fueled by innovation and the drive to offer world class equipment and devices to our partners, their thrust is to be the bridge to modernizing the Philippine healthcare industry and be a catalyst to changing the way health care service is delivered.


To achieve this, they have a strict vetting process that adheres to local and international standards. They ensure that the extensive portfolio of equipment, supplies and devices we distribute are approved by the Philippine Food and Drug Authority. At the same time, they ensure that their globally-recognized partners are compliant with global quality standards.


AIDE is the first on only home healthcare platform in the country with an extensive range of medical professionals and services. AIDE has recently partnered with Mondial Medical Technologies as their home service provider for rapid testing. It is only AIDE's duly-licensed Medical Doctors shall facilitate, administer, and interpret the FDA-approved rapid test kits. The physicians shall also provide the ff:


Physical Examinations


Consultations and Guidelines

test-tube (2).png

Interpretation of Results



The table provides the price tier relative to the total number of persons whose rapid test will be administered by our partner physicians, exclusive of any applicable taxes.

* Prices are VAT exclusive.

* Inclusive of PPEs and Rapid Antibody Testing kits


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VAZYME TEST KITS are manufactured by Nanjing Vazyme Medical Co. Ltd. and are intended to detect the presence of IgG / IgM of 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) from human serum, plasma and whole blood in 10 minutes.

Both IgM and IgG are immunoglobulin which are produced by the immune system to provide protection against the 2019- nCoV. Normally, the level of IgM begins to rise after 1 week after the initial infection, while the IgG appears later than IgM (usually about 14 days after infection). Suspected patients that are infected by 2019-nCoV can be rapidly identified by simultaneous monitoring of IgM and IgG.


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If you wish to add this option, the following vaccines may also be ordered via AIDE to be administered by AIDE's partner doctors on the same schedule for the following fees, exclusive of any applicable taxes

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